Adbtc top review with payment proof

What is Adbtc top? Why It pay money?

AdBtc top review: AdBtc is a PTC site that pays through Bitcoin. Owner of various sites advertises on Adbtc to bring traffic to their site, And those who work in Adbtc visit those sites. In return, Adbtc shares some advertising money with visitors. In a word, Adbtc acts as a mediator between site owners and visitors. Think if you work on this site. You need to visit different sites. They pay 2 to 24 satoshi for each visit in return for which you have to visit for 15 to 60 seconds. The site is 100% trusted. Because I also worked here and got paid. I have also payment proof.

AdBtc top review: How to advertise on Adbtc?

adbtc top reviews

If you want to advertise on Adbtc to bring traffic to your site you can also do this. For this, you must deposit money. You do not have to open multiple accounts to advertise. You can advertise with the same account you will be working on. If you want, you can also advertise with your earned money from this site.

And a special advantage of bringing traffic from Adbtc is that you can bring traffic from the country from which you want to bring traffic. They do this perfectly by detecting the IP address. So you have no chance of being deceived. How much they charge for each traffic will depend on which country you want traffic from.

Suppose you want to bring traffic from the United States, you will have to pay 5 satoshis for each traffic. It can be more or less due to the rise and fall of Bitcoin prices.

How to work on Adbtc?

adbtc top review

I hope you understand why it pays. Let’s know how to work on this site? You must have to create an account to work on this site. After creating the account you will show up a page like the one you see above image. Then click on Surf ads to earn money. After clicking on Surf ads, an ad will appear on the right side (Ads may not show up as soon as the account is opened. In that case, there is nothing to be disappointed about. Try a few hours or a day later). Now click on the “Open” button which will take you to another site. Wait a while after visiting that site. They will bring you back again to the Adbtc site. At the same time, your earnings will be added to the balance.

After earning a while here, if you show the text “You have watched all the available ads for now.” then you will see more ads by repeatedly clicking on “Surf Ads”.  You can also earn Ruble from here. Which is Russian currency. Its payment method is Payeer.

AdBtc top review

How much can you earn from AdBtc?

earn free Satoshi

Daily top Surfers.

The amount of income here is very low. Because it does not fall into any work. Here You will only see advertisements and there no one will pay you much for it. The work is much easier so the payment is less. I recommend working on this site because it is a very trustworthy site. The income is much less but pays. You will see many sites that pay 5-10 dollars a day but you will not be able to withdraw that money. This site is much better than those sites.

How much money you can earn per day from this site will depend on how many ads there are. Looking at the picture above, you can understand that many people are earning 200+ satoshis per day. Many times they earn 400+ satoshis a day. if your rating is higher, more ads will come. You can see I have earned 131 satoshis today. It can be said that you can earn a minimum of 120+ every day from this site. It will take you a total of 10 minutes to do this.

AdBtc top review: How do get payment?

Here minimum withdraw is 1000 satoshis. From here you can take payment through 4 wallets. These are FaucetPay(create a Faucet account), Express, Payeer and any Bitcoin address. In that case, I would suggest taking the payment on FaucetPay. Because with this you can take withdraw only if it is 1000 satoshi. The advantage of using FausetPay is that small payments received in different currencies from different sites can be converted into a specific currency.

Suppose you have received payment in 3 different currencies from 3 sites. Got $0.75 bitcoin from 1st site, got $0.80 Ether from 2nd site and got $0.50 Dogecoin from 3rd site. As the amount of money is small, it is not possible to withdraw from here separately. But you can convert the three currencies to any one currency
using FaucetPay Exchange. You can exchange at FaucetPay for just $0.01.

AdBtc top review: AdBtc Payment proof

adbtc top review

I withdrew the balance you saw in the screenshot above to show you. I had 1174 satoshis in my account and on 9th December I withdrew them.

adbtc payment proof

You can see that I got the payment on 11th December. They do not charge for the payment.

How to get payment on FaucetPay?

faucet pay deposit

After logging in to your FaucetPay account, go to the deposit option. Then you can take payment from anywhere through the addresses given below.

I think It is the best AdBtc top review. Now You can start working. Create an AdBtc account.

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