Hard but memorable password creation techniques

How difficult it is to fix a strong password can be felt during online registration. And not only that, you have to remember the password. Here is the trick to building a Hard but memorable password.

Now, most websites are asked to adjust the password, to adjust the number, letters and symbols. As if it is not easily conceivable. However, the National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC), a government agency in the UK, says it is better to fix the password with three random words in one than Michelle, the number-letter-symbol.

How to build a Hard but memorable password?

In a blog post, the NCSC said that it is easier to remember a password if it is a combination of three words. Again, it is strong enough to protect online accounts from cybercriminals. On the other hand, more complex passwords with all letters and numbers can be guessed with the help of special software. They are also difficult to remember.

Apart from that, cybercriminals know the common techniques of making passwords difficult. That’s how they prepare to break hard passwords.

On the other hand, creating a password with random words is usually long, but not easily predictable. And in that case, the spelling is such that passwords are not easily found with hacking software.

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NCSC website, the company’s technical director. Ian Levy says, ‘The traditional way of creating passwords is to remember multiple complex passwords. But that is foolish. On the contrary, following the new advice will make people fewer victims of cybercrime and I would say that people should remember the passwords of their most important accounts. In the rest of the cases, you just have to use password management software. ‘

At the end of the NCSC blog post, however, it was said that this method is not 100% safe.



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