How to connect multiple domains to one hosting

Do you want to connect one or more domains to your hosting server? Just read this article then connect your domain with Hosting easily. Usually, when we buy a hosting server there is a lot of space left even after connecting a domain. So if you buy a new domain, you do not have to buy a new hosting. That’s why we have to connect multiple domains in one hosting. So, today we will learn how to connect multiple domains to one hosting. Let’s take a look.

Set up Cloudflare free SSL certificate.

Connect multiple domains to one Hosting

Firstly go to the control panel of the domain which you want to connect. Then go to your hosting panel and find the name servers. There are two name servers. Copy them and come back to the domain’s hosting panel. From here go to DNS and click on custom or change DNS. Paste here the name servers copied from the hosting and save. Leave it.

connect multiple domains

Now go to your hosting panel where you want to host your domain.

Paste your domain here. Then If you go to the next field, they will automatically fill up. There is little work in field number three. You need to determine where the files on this domain will be saved on the hosting. So you have to set the location of the file. To do this you must type “public_html/” before your domain. Your domain name must be lowercase. Then click on “Add Domain”.

Now your domain is set up with your hosting. If you want to install WordPress on your site then you can install it form. This way you can connect as many domains as you want with your hosting. If you find this article useful, share it with your friends.

How to install Cloudflare Free SSL Certificate?

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