How to turn on the feature of deleting pictures sent to WhatsApp

Deleting pictures sent to WhatsApp: Once deleted, the message is automatically deleted on WhatsApp. It is launched simultaneously for iPhone and Android users.

When a message arrives on WhatsApp with a feature called ‘View Once’, the image or video will be automatically deleted after the recipient opens it. According to the platform, this is part of giving users more control over the privacy of their information. One good thing about the feature is that the photos or videos are not even saved in the recipient’s photo gallery. Again, there is no option to forward it.

There are also bad aspects. It is believed that WhatsApp has only advised people to send View One messages. Because, even if the picture cannot be saved in the photo gallery, there is no obstacle to take a screenshot. It can also be recorded through a screen recorder. Even if you upload pictures from any other device, there is nothing to do.

Feature of deleting pictures sent to WhatsApp


  • In the beginning, you need to update to the latest version of WhatsApp.
  • Once updated, opening any chat window will give the recipient the option to send a photo or video.
  • When selecting a media file, a small circular option will appear where one will be written in English.
  • If you tap on a text round option, View Once Media will be activated.
  • After sending the View One file, he selects the message and swipes to the right to see if the recipient has opened or viewed the message.
  • The feature also works on WhatsApp group messages. You just have to send a message to the group following the above procedure. Similarly, selecting the message and swiping to the right will show which member of the group has opened it. That was the setting to turn on the feature of deleting pictures sent to WhatsApp.
  • The facility can also be cancelled by tapping on that one written circle.

Another thing to keep in mind here is that the View One message is valid for 14 days. That is, if it is not opened for 14 days, then it will be deleted. WhatsApp’s end-to-end protection also works on View One messages. That is, according to the organization’s commentary, no one but the recipient and the sender will see it.

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