Where to buy DigiByte?

Hello, since you came to this blog, it means that you are definitely interested in buying Digibyte. The demand for cryptocurrencies is increasing day by day so it is very logical to invest in this industry. Digibyte can be a good option to invest in this case. The process I will show you can buy Digibyte as you wish in just a few seconds.

Why you should buy Digibyte?

DigiByte is its own public UTXO blockchain, and the first one with SegWit, MultiAlgo mining and DigiShield. It is 40x faster than Bitcoin. Because of its incredible transaction speed, low fees, and mobile wallets in over 55 languages, DigiByte is very suitable as a currency. Including hardware wallets and 3rd party storage solutions. It is focusing on integration into different Payment Processing Solutions. Digibyte is also a profitable cryptocurrency that you can understand by looking at the graph.

buy digibyte

Digibyte has grown 136% in the last year and reached a maximum of 3400% in April 2021. The risk is much lower and the chances of profit are much higher.

Is Digibyte Hackable?

No, Digibyte is not hackable. Because It is secured by 200.000 nodes world-wide distributed with 5 parallel cryptographic hashing algorithoms which secure the network and make it truly un-hackable. Digibyte is bring free to use cybersecurity cryptographic protocol built on top of the Digibyte publick blockchain.

Where to buy Digibyte?

There are many exchange sites from which you can buy Digibyte. In that case, I will suggest Faucetpay. Faucetpay is a wallet with exchange facilities. Although its exchange rate is high (7%) but much safer. Not just Digibyte, there are several cryptocurrencies you can exchange.

Exchange process on Faucetpay

Step-1: Open an account on Faucetpay. You can also download FaucetPay mobile apps from play store after creating account on website. But you have to create the account on website.

Step-2: Deposit in any currency that you want to invest like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherium etc.

Step-3: Click to trade after deposit. Then click to Coin Swap.

exchange process on faucetpay

Step-4: After clicking on the coin swap, such an interface will show. Now select the currency and amount of your choice and click on “Make Exchange“. Your exchange is done.

exchange on Faucetpay

It will not take any time because the exchange process is done automatically. You will receive your coin as soon as you click on “Make Exchange”.

After purchasing Digibyte, you can save your coins in FaucetPay or hold them in another wallet if you wish. If you want to withdraw Digibyte from FaucetPay, you have to pay only 0.5 Digibyte fee. For example, if you withdraw 1000 Digibytes from here, you will be charged 0.5 Digibyte and you will get 999.5 Digibytes.

buy digibyte

So buy Digibyte quickly without delay.

Do you want to mine Digibyte?

You can also mine Digibyte if you want. There is site called The site legit. Because I took payment from this site four times on my FaucetPay. I an giving the link, you can see the details if you want.

It is my mining account screenshot. payment proof


It is my FaucetPay account screenshot where I got paid from payment proof

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